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Dear Diversity,

In the wake of George Floyd’s despicable death, including many others recent unspeakable injustices; undoubtedly, one

thing became and remains clear to Diversity- all fellow mankind can come together despite our differences; and mostly,

we agreed to do better on how we treat one and other!

Our collective condemnation, fear, desperation, and our desire to be and do better are pure and prevailing. Most of all,

Diversity demonstrated powerfully to the entire world, yet again, how noble, and unbreakable our common bond is.

As one may ask- how can we strengthen our common bond and deliver an enduring collective desire to be and do better

on how we treat one another?

While there are many debated ways to go about it, which includes changing laws in the books. However, dear Diversity,

history shows that real and enduring change will only come by changing people’s minds on how we treat one and other.

Therefore dear Diversity, you have a crucial role in changing people’s minds and behaviors. Look around you,

 How much diversity is there, as a result of your personal outreach?

 Is it by choice or by accident; and is it enough?

 As you believe in Diversity, what is stopping you from being inclusive?

Dear Diversity, because you are beautiful and great, allow me to speculate some possible reasons based on my

experience: You don’t know where to start; You feel pre-judged; Cultural stereotypes?

Well, whatever the reason is, here is one way to overcome- How about?

 We start by finding out what interests we have in common,

 Let’s use our shared interest as an icebreaker to jump start an interaction naturally,

 Our initial interaction will only be about what we have in common.

Dear Diversity, will you agree that these are baby steps that you can tolerate in order to make the world a better place?

Diversity starts with you; join a diverse community at



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